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Tips for naming files

Rename submission form file name to submission form + corresponding authors Sir Name
Corresponding authors name
: Y. Iwazaki
Suitable file name : "Submission form Iwazaki" with suitable extension  e.g. doc in case of word file and extension may be different with different word processing software e.g. rtf, pm5
For fresh manuscript submission please rename file name as first 3 words of the papers title + text
: Generation and ethylene production of transgenic carnations harboring ACC synthase cDNA in sense or antisense orientation
Corresponding authors name: Y. Iwazaki
Suitable file name : "Generation and ethylene Iwazaki text"  with suitable extension  e.g. doc in case of word file
For revised manuscript please name file as first 3 words of title + corresponding authors sir name + revised
Suitable file name for figures:           "Generation and ethylene Iwazaki Fig1"
                                                            "Generation and ethylene Iwazaki Fig2"   and so on .....

Suitable file name for revised manuscript: "Generation and ethylene Iwazaki revised"
You can zip text file and figures in one file and name it suitably  

Submission Checklist

Please insure the followings before submission of the research paper

  • Manuscript Title Page includes: Complete name, postal and e-mail addresses, and phone, mobile and fax numbers of the corresponding author; a condensed running title of ten words or less; and a list of 12 key words.
  • Original and (2) copies of the manuscript are included (Not for online submission).
  • Abstract does not exceed 300 words. A list on non-standard abbreviations is provided.
  • Figures, references, and citations conform to the JAH format.
  • A disk or CD labeled with the manuscript title, first author's name, and word processing program and version used is enclosed containing the text file of the manuscript and any digitized figures. (Not for online submission except image files are large in size > 2MB).
  • Properly completed submission form.

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