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Jour. Appl. Hort., 1999, 1(1)1-4
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Tree shaping strategies for higher density mango orchards
Stassen, P. J. C.,Grovè, H. G.,Davie, S. J.     
Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops, Private Bag X11208, Nelspruit 1200, South Africa
Open vase, closed vase, central leader, palmette and standard pruning systems were compared with unpruned controls in experiments at Nelspruit, South Africa. Post harvest pruning and pruning after fruit set were also evaluated with each of the tree training systems as measures to maintain tree size. The study was conducted on cv. Sensation planted at 7 x 3 m and cv. Tommy Atkins planted at 8 x 2 m. Results indicated that the spacing of Sensation trees at 7 x 3 m was too wide and that a spacing of 5 x 2 m would be better. Training to an informal pyramid (intermediate of central leader and closed vase systems) was recommended to produce a yield exceeding 30 t/ha after 7 years. As Sensation is a late cultivar rejuvenation pruning on the bearing tree in October/November was possible, whereas the early cultivar Tommy Atkins should be pruned immediately after harvest.
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